October/November 2022


Vol. 1 No. 3

Editor: Sam Eccles


Expanding the Boundaries of Farming and Crofting

Stockfree Farming is hosting a free series of webinars by farmers for farmers   on
radical, stockfree land management beginning NOVEMBER 1ST. 

Our webinar series introduces farmers, crofters, foresters, and pioneers   from Orkney to Oxfordshire   who have broken through the obstacles of terrain, climate, poor soil, and short growing season to produce great food in harmony with the natural world.

To select and register for your chosen webinars, go to stockfreefarming.org/beyond-the-possible or click this button.

Every session will be followed by Q & A so bring your questions and be ready to be inspired!

Thriving Beyond the Protein Transition:

Farmer and crofter receptiveness to stockfree land management.

From 2020-2022, Stockfree Farming conducted a qualitative survey of  Scottish farmers and crofters to discover their receptiveness to stockfree land management. The results are published on our website.

The need to reduce the production and consumption of animal products has been widely accepted as a climate change mitigation measure.  The missing piece up to now has been how the farmers themselves feel about this.  Our survey fills this gap.

Our survey addressed this, and the results have surprised us in a good way! You can read some of the highlights and download the full report at stockfreefarming.org/survey-report or click the button below.

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