On Starting Diversification Enterprises

A diversification enterprise is a non-agricultural activity that uses farm resources.  We think it’s a great way to boost farm income.  According to the latest Scottish Government figures, more than half of Scottish farms have a least one ongoing diversified activity with these farms making on average £24,300 more a year than farms that don’t.  Quite an incentive!

The NFU Mutual Diversification Report found that offering holiday accommodation – Airbnb, B & B, camping, caravanning, cottage lets – was the most popular form of diversification, but there are many more possibilities out there.  In addition to our case-studies, our 100 Ways to Farm Stockfree features literally dozens of diversification options: repurposing buildings, retailing, leisure activities, nature-based tourism, renewable energy production, alternative land use, to name a selection.Have a browse, be inspired, and please get in touch if we can help.

Starting Diversification Enterprises

Case Studies

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