Nature-Based Tourism

Photo by Ben Maxwell from Pexels

Nature-Based Tourism

Add value to hospitality/ecotourism initiatives.

The examples listed below can take some time to achieve as not all land can immediately be transformed into a haven for wilderness, and woodland habitats obviously take some time to develop.

Guided Nature Walks

Guided nature tours can be a lucrative option, especially if there are also historic landmarks and beautiful scenery nearby. Although, this would require some wildlife expertise on yours or someone else’s part. This would also work well with any longer-term plans to re-wild or restore local ecosystems.


If your land is already surrounded or nearby notable bird habitats, this could be a good opportunity to create some birdwatching facilities (e.g. lookout tower and hides) and additional bird habitat on your land.

Photo: Birdwatching viewpoint at RSPB Lochwinnoch Nature Reserve

Wildlife Watching

With Scotland being the top country in Europe for wildlife watching (Wild Scotland), this can be a fantastic activity to offer. Depending on the land’s geography, natural succession will lead to different habitats, thus attracting different species of wildlife.

Den Building

Setting aside a wooded area for building dens is a great attraction for outdoor lovers. This could work particularly well for local school groups, families or even survival courses.

Foraging Workshops

Robin Harford at Eat Weeds Wild Food Foraging is a great resource.

Art and Craft Holidays

Unleash your creativity with Art and Craft Holidays in the Scottish Highlands !

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