Leisure Activities

Portnellan Farm

Leisure Activities

Laggan Outdoor is probably one of the most famous and successful Scottish outdoor leisure centres.  

Grass Sledging

Why not start small, though, with a straw bale maze or a bit of grass-sledging.

Laggan Outdoor



Children’s play park (indoor or outdoor)

Zip wire rides

Zip wires are an exhilarating attraction and offer a unique way of viewing Scotland’s landscape. Setting up a zip wire could be especially good on more hilly, rugged and/or forested marginal land.

Photo: Night zip line course at Zip Park

Zip Park set up a massive 2km network of zip wires amongst a pine forest in Aviemore.

Segway hire/adventures

Off-road Segways make a great alternative to exploring the Scottish countryside and are relatively easy to get the hang of.

Photo: The Scottish Segway Centre’s Canada Wood trail

The Scottish Segway Centre runs guided Segway tours at the Falkirk Wheel, Canada Wood, and Glencoe.

Straw Bale Maze


Paintballing is another popular activity and could be a great option to diversify into, provided you have enough space on your land and are happy to build different structures to make for a more interesting playing field.

Paintball makes use of a variety of terrain and settings such as more natural woodland and man-made arenas, and there are no shortage of paintballing centres across Scotland (https://www.skirmishscotland.co.uk/).

Hovercrafting (grass or water)

Being able to travel over grass, mud, water, ice and other surfaces, hovercrafts can make a great leisure activity for farmland.

Craigluscar Activities in Dunfermline offer people the chance to drive and race hovercraft.

Photo: Hovercrafting at Craigluscar Farm, Dunfermline


Portnellan Farm on the banks of Loch Lomond offers speedboat tours, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. 

Loch Lomond

Owner, Chris Scott-Park, advises: “Make use of what you’ve got. Take advantage of your location. Don’t be afraid of competition but try to look for ways to be different.”
(Source: NFU Mutual Diversification Report, 2020



Public Liability Insurance

Regarding leisure activities, it is particularly important to make sure you have public liability insurance, given that a degree of risk comes with hosting different activities. Furthermore, many of the examples we have listed have a much higher likelihood of injury, owing to the more extreme and physical nature of these activities. Public liability insurance can be bought from companies like Towergate and NFU Mutual.

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