Green Grow Food

Green Grow is a project created by Aurora Sustainability located in Forres, Moray. Aurora Sustainability is a circular economy business – meaning that they reuse waste from other businesses to create their sustainably grown product, recycling-on any waste that they themselves may generate. The circular, or regenerative approach, is in contrast to the ‘take-make-dispose’ model of the traditional linear economy.

Green Grow grows mushrooms and mycelium in refurbished shipping containers in a medium of waste coffee grounds using waste heat from a well-known Speyside distillery to create the microclimate for growing. After growing, the coffee grounds and any mushroom waste are used as compost for reforestation and environmental projects.

Dr. Isabella Guerrini de Claire (Business Development) and Ian Findlay, CEO

Green Grow supply local food and health markets with fresh and dried mushrooms and also use them to make their Scottish Gourmet Mushroom Meal Boxes.

The project received grant funding and excellent support from the Highlands and Islands Enterprise – the economic and community development agency for the north and west of Scotland.

Aurora Sustainability have a number of refurbished containers to offer to other people who are interested in participating in a circular economy. They also offer their knowledge and experience to other potential growers and a retail agreement that guarantees revenue streams, an e-commerce platform, and suitable market outlets for produce.

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