Crate to Plate

Grow Veggies Anywhere!

If you think you can’t grow veggies in your part of Scotland, think again! Former investment banker, Sebastian Sainsbury, founded Crate to Platea company growing greens in hydroponic towers in shipping containers.

Spinach, kale, lettuce greens, herbs and microgreens are amongst the produce they are selling both to private homes and to businesses. The company predicts up to 12 harvests a year once all the containers are operational.

Each forty-foot container can generate the same amount of produce as over an acre of farmland, using 95% less water. Due to the carefully controlled environment inside the containers, there is no need for pesticides or herbicide use.

Crate to Plate are looking for more places to put their containers. So, if you’re interested in having one on your farm, get in touch. Or, think about making your own.

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