Three Roads

Kelp Crofting

Three hundred years on from the collapse of the island kelp industry, marine scientist, Dr Kyla Orr, and her two colleagues, Alex Glasgow and Martin Welch, are bringing KelpCrofting back to the west coast with a proposal for a 11.5 hectare kelp farm in the waters south of Pabay, Isle of Skye. (Photos courtesy of

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Green Grow Food

Green Grow Food Green Grow is a project created by Aurora Sustainability located in Forres, Moray. Aurora Sustainability is a circular economy business – meaning that they reuse waste from other businesses to create their sustainably grown product, recycling-on any waste that they themselves may generate. The circular, or regenerative approach, is in contrast to

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Crate to Plate

Crate to Plate Grow Veggies Anywhere! If you think you can’t grow veggies in your part of Scotland, think again! Former investment banker, Sebastian Sainsbury, founded Crate to Plate – a company growing greens in hydroponic towers in shipping containers. Spinach, kale, lettuce greens, herbs and microgreens are amongst the produce they are selling both

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