The Team

Rebecca Knowles, Founding Director,

Head of Farm Transitions.

Rebecca has a degree in Agriculture from the University of Aberdeen. Her past farm experience includes hill sheep, beef, and market gardening.
Rebecca is based in Aberdeenshire.

Sam Eccles, Assistant Director,

Head of Grants and Research.

Sam did his dissertation on the feasibility of veganic farming in
Scotland. He volunteers on a market garden whilst expanding his
interest in food choice and sustainability.
Sam is based in Glasgow.

Prof. Amir Kassam OBE, FRSB, PhD.

Transition Advisory Team Lead.

Amir Kassam is a Visiting Professor in the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading, UK. He is also Moderator of the FAO-hosted Global Platform for Conservation Agriculture Community of Practice (CA-CoP). Conservation Agriculture is based on the application of three interlinked principles of continuous no-tillage, permanent ground cover, and crop diversification. Amir is a member of several international advisory committees. He is published widely.

Born in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Kassam received his BSc (Hons) in Agriculture and PhD in Agro-ecology from the University of Reading, and MSc in Irrigation from the University of California-Davis. Kassam’s research and development work is focused on sustainable agricultural development and land management to address national and global needs and challenges.

Mark Wakeling, Regional Director (England)

Transition Advisor.

Mark has a background in the livestock industry. He is
currently based in Buckinghamshire.

Iain Tolhurst

Transition Advisor.

Iain has been an organic producer since 1976, having previously worked for 4 years on a conventional dairy farm, and he grows a wide range of mixed veg on 19 acres of land on his farm south Oxfordshire. He is well known within the agricultural community and is considered to be a leading expert on stockfree organic horticulture. The farm is a model of productivity centred on biodiversity and green manure systems, and was the first farm to attain the Stockfree Organic certification in 2004.

Laurence Candy, Farmer,

Transition Advisor.

Laurence is a former organic beef and dairy farmer who is currently transitioning to veganic cereal production. Laurence is based in Dorset.

Angus Dixon, BSc, Forester,

Forestry and Agroforestry Advice and Support.

Angus is a highly experienced freelance forester who advises on forestry/agroforestry projects including map preparation and grant application completion.

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