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From Beef and Dairy to Veganic Cereals

An interview with Laurence Candy of Northwood Farm
Death informs our relationship to life. Between 2017 and 2019, Laurence Candy of Northwood Farm in Dorset experienced numerous catastrophic events. It began by the loss of almost the entire dairy herd to bovine tuberculosis.

We surveyed farmers and crofters across Scotland to see if they’d be willing to farm stockfree. The results are surprising!

Advice and resources to help farmers thrive in a changing world.

“…we have taken up a challenge amongst ourselves to Eat (only) British Plants for a Year!” in support of UK farmers, growers and producers.

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Expanding the Boundaries of Farming and Crofting

Beyond the Possible
Our free webinar series introduces farmers, crofters, foresters, and pioneers – from Orkney to Oxfordshire – who have broken through the obstacles of terrain, climate, poor soil, and short growing season to produce great food in harmony with the natural world.

Three Roads to Stockfree Farming

Importing 50% of the food we eat will always leave us vulnerable to shortages or escalating prices over which we have no control. If we want to increase our national food security and food self-sufficiency (why wouldn’t we?), then we have to be prepared… Keep Reading

Case Studies

Now, they are largely covered in sheep and a checkerboard of burned areas to facilitate the lucrative sport of grouse hunting.  The National Food Strategy has identified the carbon opportunity in restoring… Keep Reading

Case Studies

We think it’s a great way to boost farm income.  According to the latest Scottish Government figures, more than half of Scottish farms have a least one ongoing diversified activity with these farms making on average £24,300 more a year than farms that don’t.  Quite an incentive! Keep Reading

Case Studies

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